Angels do Exist: Flying without them is Suicide

Nightmare on Air Street: Think twice about getting into the cockpit with just anyone.

So I went to fly with the new instructor today.

He had never flown the plane that I am used to ever before.

I’ve only had about four hours on the plane so I knew a little bit about it but I was really expecting the instructor would come along and be able to fly like an ace.

It was kind of crazy we were about 1500 feet off the ground and I asked him where my heading gauge was.

 He had no idea. Truth be told it is a very advanced plane because it has a glass panel rather than the old standard gauges that you might come across in some of the other planes.

The reason I was asking where my heading was ,was because he asked me to change my heading to 270.

-My problem was that I didn’t know where that was. I didn’t know what my heading was at that time. So I scanned all of the dashboard looking for the heading. Finally I came across it.

 Initially when we were taxiing he had a hard time steering the plane.

I had steered it to the area where we do the preflight run up.

So when he was having trouble getting us onto the runway, it made me a little bit nervous.

Couple that with the fact that when we are coming off of the airstrip we kind of bounced up into the air. He simply put into too much flight control input into taking off.

After we bounced up we kind of started to fall downwards, and it made it a little rocky.

  Then the weather turned bad while we were in the air and we had to fly through the rain to get back to the airport. With only 3 miles visibility it was tough to find the landing strip.

We did finally find it, but now I was a little nervous because he had to land.

-Incidentally…somehow we missed the airport all together when we were coming to it through the rain and had to be redirected by air traffic control.

We did eventually find his way back down to the landing strip. However, it was a pretty rough landing.

The cross wind was tricky tough and the back of the airplane controls are so sensitive it made it tough on this new pilot instructor.

I was pretty much terrified. I was hoping that I didn’t know more than my instructor. He certainly had a lot more experience than I do, but I realize that flying into aircraft can be tricky know what or how much experience you have.

Airplane was an Arion Lightning

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