You Had Me at Hello: I’ve loved you for a thousand years

Faith Meets Love

There’s a popular song out that says that I have loved you for 1000 years. Have you ever stopped to think whether or not God has known us for that long?

There is a Bible verse that says behold I knew you before you were born. Before you were ever knit together in the womb, I knew you.

Isn’t that just a wonderful thought? I mean the idea that the creator of the universe knew us in spirit form before we ever had this body is pretty incredible right?

I don’t know about you, but I have lost all of my immediate family to death. It leaves you a bit breathless and with a feeling that you are alone now. I mean I’ve heard many people say that they live with you in spirit and those are really nice things say here. However, you really just can’t pick up the phone and call them if you needed them you know what I mean?

A friend of mine said she calls that the orphan phase of life. It’s once everybody has died and you are alone and left to figure things out on your own. Even though I’ve experienced that, there is a deep sense of knowing that there is something bigger.

Something is out there, right? Not really something, however, but someone….that someone who started it, and who says that He knew you before time began.

Heck even the people that believe in reincarnation believe that we always were and always will be in some form or another.

I however feel and at least want to have the sense that there is this heavenly father that cares about me more than I could ever imagine. He would never let me fall beyond the limitations that he sets forth.

So, even in a darker hour of life, I feel tethered to something that I cannot see. It is something that I cannot hear, or feel. Rather it’s sort of like an underlying knowing. Maybe I could say it’s an underlying belief.

Anyway I cut it, I don’t feel quite alone. It’s not some mystical feeling either it’s a simple gut level knowing.

It is kind of strange to think that we are all born into this world alone and when we die we transition out of this world on our own and in many ways alone.

No one holds our hand in that journey. But I have a sense that even after that we are not alone.

It could be my hope or it could be some type of divine intuition. I guess I’ll find out one day. Smile and so will we all.

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