Faith without Drowning

 The Power of Intention

Oh ye of little faith… There’s an old Bible saying that you have not because you ask not. Other religions faiths and positive thinking gurus basically say that you need to ask the universe for something and if you do it, believing without any doubt in your heart, then you’ll get it.

Jesus said if you have the faith of a mustard seed you could say to this mountain be moved and it would be moved.

So this all leaves us with a question. Can we really create things out of thin air by using our words and beliefs?  I mean… if we set our hearts and minds on it?

I mean how many of us, when we were young, wanted to get some particular gift for Christmas, and we believed for it/asked for it but we never got it?

I remember when I was young I wanted a compound bow and arrow set. I believed that the compound bows were amazing. I had a recurved bow but I was always impressed by the guys who had the compounds. They just look so amazing. They were sophisticated and powerful. As a young boy I was completely drawn to this.

I remember staring at the pictures in the magazine. They were pretty expensive, but I didn’t care. I knew I probably never get it but I really really really wanted one.

Now some people might believe that I’m about to tell you a story that because I really really really wanted it I got it. However that was not the case. But at the time of writing this I realize that hanging in my garage I have a compound bow.

It is all Rambo/badass looking too. So as I began to write this with the intention to tell you that maybe it doesn’t really work, and that even if we believe really hard we might not get it; I’m kind of slapped in the face with the reality that the one thing that I really wanted when I was a kid I actually have.

So, it really wasn’t the intent of this post but I’m going to change my mind now. Maybe we do get the things that we really really want. It’s just that the timing is different for all of us.

Another thought just popped in my head. I was at a business conference and there was one particular gentlemen that would not share anything with the group when called on. Apparently he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and he was the only one in the entire conference that said he would not get up on stage to introduce himself.

I remember the instructor grabbing a couple of us and mentioning to us that he was going to stand for the possibility of this guy sharing his story. You know what he did? The guy who wouldn’t share kept silent until the very final hour of the final event after several days of being in this business seminar. Weighing nearly 300 pounds he stood up and he walked to the front of the room. Everyone was speechless. The whole room fell silent. With about 800 people in the room, for the first time in the conference, this man began to speak.

He started, “I’ve been angry. I have been very very angry.I realize that this has been a prison sentence. It is through all of you that I have finally come to the place where I realize that I don’t want to live with my anger anymore.”

After a heart warming dissertation on how he no longer wanted to live in the past, he explained to everyone that he was finally set free to live a new life. Everyone in the audience stood applauding him. They applauded his bravery. He inspired, touched and moved the audience. The eruption of applause was enormous.

So this is my perspective on understanding faith. There is definitely something to it. We don’t really quite understand it, but there is something there. It’s undeniable.

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